Birding at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park

Birds have inspired hundreds of innovation and art across the globe. The finest innovations are inspired by nature and observing birds have ignited many ideas of biomimicry. When the Wright brothers were figuring out how to build an airplane, they took inspiration from some of the fliers of the natural world. Grab your binoculars and choose your lenses to capture the moments of wonder and astonishments.

Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, offers glimpses of rare species of birds for bird-twitchers who seeks to capture these birds through their lenses. We organize species-specific trips on request to bring the best experience to nature lovers. The area is inhabited by over 400 species of birds. Hornbills, Red Junglefowl, Sunbirds and Jungle Owlets are some of our permanent guests at the retreat.

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