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Green Retreat

�We have an ethic for our dealings with one another but not so with the natural world. We desperately need a morality concerning mans relationship with the land, its animals and the plants that grow upon it. We must stop being homocentric for it is not our divine destiny to plunder the earth.� � The ecology of architecture

When the first thoughts of setting up a wildlife getaway seeped deep in our hearts, the first desire was to make the getaway an eco friendly one. Working towards it was fraught with frustrations, delays and difficulties.

Our problem for electricity and hot water was solved quite easily by solar power. We are also in the process of building an electricity generation turbine on the stream flowing next to the retreat.

We took help in construction from local architects, minimum use of bricks and construction material has been done to build our retreat.  The construction is environmentally sensitive, harmonious with the natural features of the site and accentuates natural daylight. Stone masonry has been the focus, the stone and mortar was ferried from within 1 km radius to minimize fuel consumption. Local manpower was used as far as possible to provide employment to the villagers.

There is no use of insecticides and pesticides in the whole retreat.

The first showers in monsoon witnessed plantation of over 40 varieties of trees in the retreat. The vegetables are sourced from the village and undoubtedly they are organic, the flour comes from the village pan-chakki and the milk from the buffaloes the gujjars (tribal) staying in the jungle keep.

The cottage roofs, tents and dining areas have been thatched to provide insulation and to blend with the jungle surroundings.

Waste recycling has been given special priority, unlike the common septic tanks we have installed Shankar Balram ready-made septic tanks, which convert 10kg of night soil to 3 gm of black ash. The wastewater is used for watering trees and the kitchen waste is used as manure.

Much to our satisfaction we have made a green retreat, though a drop in the ocean we have fulfilled a dream much sought after.

Hope you relish your experiential holiday with us.

A village panchakki (water mill for grinding wheat).
A stream close to the retreat.



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