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Seasons at Wild Brook

Winter (Oct. � Feb.)

Cold nights and sunny days, the best time for a relaxed rejuvenating holiday. Bonfire and barbeque with rounds of drink keep the spirit going.

The brooks witness the return of stream birds like Himalayan Pied Kingfisher, White Capped and Plumbeous Redstarts. The migratory birds descend in large numbers and take over the wetlands .

Must carry: Warm Jacket, hat and gloves.

Spring (March � April)

Pleasant weather, local showers and bird chirping, the peacocks start dancing and the red jungle fowl start calling. Best time for outdoor treks and overnight camping in wilds.

Must carry: Back pack and good walking shoes.

An Indian peafowl

Summer (May � June)

The brooks start dying down, what was a river is almost a trickle. Though this doesn�t deter the elephants and the Spotted Deer to herd together. The best time for photography and most adventurous as elephants are all around the retreat herding at the shrinking water holes. These months have hot days and cool nights.

Must carry: T-shirts, shorts, caps/hats and sunglasses.

An elephant close to a dried up stream

Monsoon (July-September)

The quietness is broken by lightning and heavy rainfall, the lovely brooks take a monstrous face, dangerous for most and adventurous for some. The retreat gets cut off from the world, only way to reach is by wading furious streams or on pony back. The best time for landscape photography and adventure, the last 6 km drive is like making your own road.

Must carry: Raincoat, floaters, T-shirts, shorts and gumboots.

A Gypsy crossing a river

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