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Yoga and SPA

What Is Yoga? 
Yoga is joining into union the body, mind, and spirit. It is an ancient Indian system for developing perfect health and a wonderful exercise for the mind and body. The practice of the yoga poses helps maintain or restore physical, physiological and mental well-being. The active poses emphasize the balance of strength and flexibility while maintaining correct spinal alignment. Restorative poses create energy and encourage relaxation. All the poses promote physical, mental and spiritual awareness.

Our body has an immense inherent capacity to adapt to the changing environment. This can be wisely exploited and directed towards putting up an effective defense against physical and mental diseases. Drug therapy is directed mainly towards eradicating particular causative factors. Yogic therapy, on the other hand, believes in making the body healthy by putting up an effective resistance against the disease processes itself, in general, and specifically helps to set right various imbalances created by them.
Chronic functional disorders, particularly, require the second type of treatment. A chronic disease signifies an inability on the part of the body to cope with the disturbing factors, or some internal maladjustment, due to inefficiency and lack of cooperation between the various organs of the body.
Efficiency of organs and cooperation between them has to be achieved by training the organ and reestablishing proper coordination and harmony between the various parts of the body. Chronic psycho physiological disturbances that affect the conditions of the muscles and viscera could be set right through such processes only. The age-old yogic practices provide ideal methods for bringing about such coordination and balance between the various functions of the body and the mind. Hence the Yogic methods have a special place in the treatment of functional disorders.
An all-around and complete Yogic therapy consists of the following four steps:
a. Cultivation of correct psychological attitude.
b. Reconditioning of neuromuscular and neuro-grandular systems, in fact of the whole body, to enable it to withstand greater stresses and strains of life.
c. Encouraging the various natural eliminative processes of the body Work efficiently, resorting, if necessary, to special lavages and baths, using air and water for the purpose; and
d. Regulation of diet and day-to-day behavior.

Over a period of time, our research department has undertaken many scientific studies. It came to be established that in many ailments or disorders, Yoga was effective, both as an alternative and/or complimentary therapy. Based on this research, we deal with the following disorders:

1.Constipation 2. Dyspepsia 3. Piles
4.Impotency (due to psychic depression) 5. Nerve-exhaustion 6. Insomnia
7. Depression 8. Mild Schizophrenia 9. General Debility
10. Chronic functional headaches 11. Heart disease (functional) 12. Chronic Cold
13. Chronic Bronchitis 14. Bronchial asthma 15. Sciatica
16. Arthritis 17. Diabetes mellitus 18. Obesity
19. High Blood Pressure 20. Leucorrhoea 21. Menstrual Disorders


1. To understand the determinants for protection, preservation and
Promotion of Positive Health at Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual levels.

2. To understand the determinants of stress related ill health as well
as etiology for common ailments

3. Developing and imparting skills in application of Yogic practices for
restoring and promoting Positive Health.

Various Yogic practices having therapeutic value will be studied, with scientific reasoning, scientific research and clinical observations.



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