Wild Brook Retreat-Rajaji National Park

Stone crafted cottages at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park
Organic food and cooked by local cooks at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park

We have an ethic for our dealings with each other yet not so with nature. We frantically require a profound quality, concerning man's association with the land, its creatures and the plants that develop upon it. We should quit being homocentric for it isn't our awesome predetermination to loot the earth. When the primary considerations for setting up a natural life getaway leaked somewhere down in our souls, the principal want was to make the getaway an eco-friendly one. Working towards it, was full of challenges.

The Entire retreat is powered by solar energy and the architect of the retreat is designed to provide maximum natural daylight. The construction of our retreat is done by local workers and the stone for the construction was obtained by 1 kilometers of radius to minimise fuel consumption. Our aim is to surround the retreat with nature, therefore, we planted 40 varieties of trees. The ingredients for the food is grown locally and 100% organic. The flour comes from the village pan-chakki and the milk from the buffaloes the Gujjars (tribal) staying in the jungle keep. Stay in Rajaji National Park is offered in eco-friendly cottages located in wilderness including all meals tea coffee service and all applicable taxes.

Waste recycling has been given special priority, unlike the common septic tanks we have installed special tanks, which convert 10 kg of night soil to 3 gm of black ash. The wastewater is used for watering trees and the kitchen waste is used as manure. Much to our satisfaction, we have made a green retreat, though a drop in the ocean we have fulfilled a dream much sought after.

Enjoy the eco-lodging experience with Wild Brook Retreat, one of the best resorts near Dehradun.

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