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Jungle Safari in Rajaji

Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park with experts from Wild Brook Retreat can be organised on request at wildbrookrajaji@gmail.com or contact us at 931 4880 887.

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Bird Watching in Rajaji

Bird watching in Rajaji gives you opportunity to watch some birds from about total species of birds in Rajaji like Great pied hornbill, Brown wood owl, Crested kingfisher, Lammergier, Shaheen falcon, Himalayan griffon, Grey headed fish eagle, Great slaty woodpecker, Blue bearded bee-eater, Blue throated barbet, Yellow belled fantail, Grey-winged blackbird and many more        

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River rafting near Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park


Hit the rush of the Ganges.

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Trekking around Rajaji

Trekking camps at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park

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Ayurvedic therapies at Rajaji

Ayurvedic therapies at Wild Brook Retreat - Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand are available under expert Ayurveda doctors on request from 1 week to 4 weeks. Send mail for cost at wildbrook@gmail.com

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Wild Brook Retreat, Yoga & Meditation, Uttarakhand Resorts

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation in Rajaji in the midst of wilderness of Rajaji National Park. You can book daily classes or book for a week with Yoga experts available at Wild brook retreat on call.

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Jeep safari in Rajaji National Park

Jeep safari in Rajaji National Park is best done under the expert guides with Wild Brook Retreat

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