Bird-Watching at Rajaji National Park , Wild Brook Retreat

Bird Watching in Rajaji National Park gives you opportunity to watch some birds from about total species of birds in Rajaji like Great pied hornbill, Brown wood owl, Crested kingfisher, Lammergier, Shaheen falcon, Himalayan griffon, Grey headed fish eagle, Great slaty woodpecker, Blue bearded bee-eater, Blue throated barbet, Yellow belled fantail, Grey-winged blackbird and many more.

Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, offers glimpses of rare species of birds for bird-twitchers who seeks to capture these birds through their lenses. We organize species-specific trips on request to bring the best experience to nature lovers. The area is inhabited by over 400 species of birds. Hornbills, Red Junglefowl, Sunbirds and Jungle Owlets are some of our permanent guests at the retreat.


The Himalayan birding tour starts from Rajaji National Park. The guests can take a flight up to Jolly Grant Airport( Dehradun) or a train upto Haridwar from there they can ask for paid pick up or drive in their own car. Further journey is conducted in a hired vehicle or private car depending upon the guest's requirement. 

1. Stay at Wild Brook- (2 nights) birding in foothills of lower Himalayas and Shivalik Hills to see some resident and migratory birds.
2. Stay around Rudraprayag: ( 2 nights) Birding for high altitude birds Blue Tailed Bush Robin, Accentors, Blue Fronted Redstart, Mistle Thrush in Mandakini Valley in winter and breeding birds in summer.
3. Stay around Chopta: (2 nights) ; Birding to look for Himalayan Monal and Koklass Pheasant , Lammergier besides other Himalayan birds.
4. Stay at Joshi Math: (2 nights) to Look for Thrushes, Nutcracker, Grossbeak, Himalayan Griffon and other Himalayan Birds in winter.
5. Stay around Mussoorie Hills : (2 nights) to look for Crimson Sunbird ,Speckled Piculet, Ashy Drongo, Maroon Oriole and other Himalayan birds.
The package includes stay ,all meals, transportation ,guide service and taxes.


Day 1. Arrive at Kathgodam by Train / Car in morning and reach at Jeolikote
Day 2. Birding in Saat-tal
Day 3. Birding in Saat-tal
Day 4. Birding around Pangot
Day 5. Birding around Sigri
Day 6. Birding at Mukteshwar in morning and head back to Kathgodam
The package includes stay, all meals, transportation ,guide service and taxes.

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