Volunteering at Rajaji National Park

At Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, guests can avail an opportunity to work towards the betterment of the people living in the jungle with our Volunteering programme. Guests can choose to volunteer for -
  • Literacy Programme
  • Hygiene
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Apiary Culture and Organic Farming

1. Literacy Programme:

While you enjoy your blissful abode at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, guests can involve themselves in our literacy programme where they can avail an opportunity to teach the children living in the jungle about the basics of computer, english, mathematics, art and craft. Guests can also avail several learning opportunities and learn about yoga, meditation, organic farming and culinary knowledge of traditional Indian dishes. Enjoy this incredible learning experiences with the masters of their art.

2. Hygiene:

Teach the science of hygiene to children living in the jungle, and help in improving the health and hygiene standards of a family. At Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, we aim to offer the pleasure of working towards making the lives of people living in the Jungle better and our various voluentareeng programme is just a step towards achieving our goal.

3. Environmental Awareness:

Humans are one of the ignorant creatures on the planet, our ignorance towards the environment have ruined flora and fauna of the earth. We at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, strongly believe there is no going forward with such ignorance and therefore we present our environmental awareness programme, where we require volunteers to spread awareness among the locals and other tourists. Guests can also enrol for the various activities of environment pollution prevention. 

4. Apiary Culture and Organic Farming:

Apiary culture has been mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures, Buddhist scriptures and rock paintings. A culture which is passed on from one generation to another is paramount to the livelihood of the people living in the jungle. Beeswax and honey are produced from 5 variety of species of bees. Learn more about this incredible culture during your stay at Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park. Guests can also know the process of vermicomposting and organic farming in an interesting and interactive session.

Wild Brook Retreat, Rajaji National Park, is a perfect nature retreat and an eco-lodge promoting eco-friendly ways of life. Make your stay an unforgettable journey by participating in our various Volunteering Programmes. Make us a part of your journey to the great learnings of the jungle and the life within.

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